image of Jacques Fuselier

Jacques Fuselier (SSN 34076947)

Hq. Btry., Technician Fifth Grade, Hq Btry, 771 AAA Gun Battalion,
Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Field, Oahu, Hawaii
U. S. Army

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of WWII medal

IMAGE of medal

Jacques Fuselier.
Entered the U. S. Army in Livingston, Louisiana, on 30 May 1941 and was discharged from service on 24 March 1945 at Bruns General Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The draft had been initated for a period of one year service. He and his brother, Levin were the only two sons in the family. It was agreed upon that Jacques would go into the service for a year and then Levin would go in after Jacques finished his tour of service. Levin was to stay home and help tend the farm in rural Acadia Parish (between Basile and Eunice on the banks of Bayou deCainnes). However, the fateful attack by the Naval Japanese forces changed these plans with Jacques having to stay in the Army until he was discharged in March 1945. His brother, Levin did not have to serve.

During his active service Jacques received the following awards and decorations: Asiatic Pacific Theater Ribbon; American Defense Medal, One Bronze Service Star; and Good Conduct Medal.

Notation on his discharge papers states: "...Served at Schofield Barracks, T. H. (Territory of Hawaii) during Japanese attack on the Island of Oahu."

Above image (colorized) was taken in 1941 at age of 22 in Camp Callan, California.


IMAGE of Jacques

16 August 1941, Camp Callan, California. Jacques in dress uniform.

IMAGE of Jacques & two pals

August 1941. San Diego, California. Jacques along with two of his buddies. The soldier on the right of the photograph is George Greon. The soldier on the left is unidentified.

IMAGE of the pineapples

November 1941. Schofield Barracks -- Tent City. Jacques is holding some pineapples, that were according to him -- given to him by the local farmer.

His C/O accused him of stealing them, and Jacques took his C/O to the farmer who collaborated his story.

Because of the many pineapples that were "liberated" from the local pineapple fields, a stiff penalty (of $50 apiece) was imposed on any soldier caught taking them.

IMAGE of Jacques with gear

November 1941. Schofield Barracks -- Tent City. Jacques sitting in front of his tent proudly displaying his military possessions.

Read Jacques Fuselier's U. S. Army Story. Jacques Fuselier


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